mercoledì 29 ottobre 2014


dance of death

In some cultures is possible to dance with the death

"Dia de los Muertos honors the dead with festivals and lively celebrations, a typically Latin American custom that combines indigenous Aztec ritual with Catholicism, brought to the region by Spanish conquistadores. (Dia de los Muertos is celebrated on All Saints Day and All Souls Day, minor holidays in the Catholic calendar.) " From National Geographic website here

And I was always fascinated by this traditional celebration which joins recognizion of the death as natural part of the life and at same time elements of celebration of life itself .

and yet in these days we remember the ones who were and are not anymore with us and in their honor we cover in flower .......

And to cover myself in flowers I used a mask and several headpieces to try to create that mood and that athmosphere .....


The Loft _Sugar skull mask roses
Miamai Faery headpiece Emerald
Miamai Faery headpiece Green
AG hevea headset Sky bright
Glam Affair - the romantic boho set
Glam Affair - Queen of roses Seatime
Rhosyn Wreath - Red , white and Black
Swallow - flower power -purple

Photographer and model Arialee Miles

domenica 12 ottobre 2014

..... WORDS ....


Words like bullets
we throw on each other
hoping, naively,
that they'd miss the target.
But they do not .






Dress NYA  Nightmare top and leggins black
headpiece ZIBSKA  Corbin
blindfold HE LA binding Black
hair TABLEAU VIVANT writer hair braid black

Collar DELICIOUS Herolyne collar leather

poses MaVie and Nantra

Photographer and model Arialee Miles

lunedì 22 settembre 2014



Yula did it again!
A wonderful jewelry set from Chez  Finesmith that you can find in several colors and here is displayed in red!

This Finesmith creation called Mer is the perfect complement for a dark lady who secure and confident  relies  on her seductive power or for a solar beauty shining in all her sparkling allure .

Versatile accessoire it can be used alone or mixing the red , orange ,pink , blue and black pieces in which it is available .

you can find this lovely set at  FINESMITH MAINSTORE and  at the JEWELRY FAIR


Finesmith Mer -red  jewelry set
Tableau vivant  - Upshaw sidebang
Finesmith lala dress black

Photographer and model Arialee Miles

sabato 30 agosto 2014

so wonderful ......


Wanderind among the recent creations here two accessories that cannot be disregarded .

The  glasses of Posesion called Dahriel and the  Jewelry set from Gizza called Chained Treasure Set .


Glam Affair Artemis jamaica n 5
Urbanlutz Joy blonde 
Posesion Dahriel Glasses 
Gizza Chained Treasure Set 
Posesion Poses 

Photographer and Model Arialee Miles 

mercoledì 27 agosto 2014

Open Your Wings and Fly .......

J'me Tire

Sometimes although our burning desire to stay , is time to go and open wide our wings.
Time to go for ourselves and for the one we love, go to fly and  travel unknown routes and have something always new and always unexplored  to live and tell.

 Time to go to not be  folded on ourselves and become just the last habit difficult to escape for fear to hurt, only the last pitiful lie on the altar of a warped sense of loyalty . 

And yet the longing even before we leave is strong andfills our hearts of sadness, though there is the mind which leads with  clear lucidity its implacable  analysis that makes us true to ourselves and  suggests with merciless bluntness that there is not other solution but set the other and ourselves  free.

That it is time to go to not be forgotten , time to leave our shores to be remembered before it is too late .  

The Hunger Games Tribute Show was an occasion for many designers to express their creativity .Imaginative and futuristic , half drown in a fantasy allure and half projected in a post atomic future this  outfit by JUMO well represent the spirit of the show . 

This Tribute Romper is part of the JUMO Hunger games Collection , an outfit perfect for roleplay but even for producing  an astonishing  effect for who likes to be at the centre of the attention .

Perfect for who leaves and perfect for who stays ! 


Jumo TRibute Romper Gold 
Jumo Honor Tribute Jewelry Set free gift 
Soonsiki Spin the bottle hair and freckles 
blacklace lashes 4 
tuty's  black eyeliner 
blackliquid make up black cherry gloss 
Slink hands elegant 
poses Adorkable 

Photographer and model Arialee Miles 

martedì 26 agosto 2014

Nessun dorma .......


Wonderful and  evocative this dress created by Sacha Design for the Hunger Games Tribute Show expresses all its magnificence,  irradiating strength  and hope for a future victory in the fatal competition .

 Like an omen of success it illuminates the audience with a great scenic presence.

Half mesh and prim the powerful presence of the outfit is not unnoticed . The force of the elements is encompassed in it .

An outfit to astonish the audience  and hit the imagination recalling echoes of primal battles and undebated victories .


SAS Hunger Gown Red
Modern Couture Kaiji earrings and tiara
Boon TUM278 hair red
Lovely Mi Audrey in red make up
Blacklace beauty lashes 4

Photographer and Model Arialee Miles

martedì 8 luglio 2014



Today we are reborn, in a leaden daybreak which dropped onto the sea,  we are reborn.
And inside the sky leaning  on a green field, a forest dipping inside a river, we are reborn, today.

We are reborn aware of all the evil and of all the wrongdoing, with hands full of all our  weaknesses but for that made stronger.
We are born again together looking into each other eyes and in a tight embrace we have understood.

We are reborn today, you and me we are born  from the beginning notwithstanding my foolishness
and in spite of your pain, we are reborn. 

Closer because conscious of the untouched importance of our inextricable bond.
More determined to save us because the true courage is able of forgiveness. 


Edelweiss irie dress
slink hands elegant 
slink female feet flat 
glam affair skin cassia jamaica 
MG sandals bejewelled 
boon hair TUM278 
miamai makeup in mutatio eyes 

Photographer and model Arialee Miles 

lunedì 30 giugno 2014

Invisible reasons of the heart


Il cuore ha ragioni invisibili agli altri e procede per proprie intuizioni.
Né derive né sponde , razionali o profonde gli rendono agevole il corso .
Per i suoi tormentati percorsi tortuosi, impetuosi , difficili , ostili
è inutile impresa inseguirlo , blandirlo, attirarlo , circuirlo. 

Con la mente cercare di corrergli dietro e capirlo, di mettergli briglie, domarlo.
Il cuore ha sue strade nascoste, sue onde , sue piene e maree , correnti
navigabili fiumi sereni  o torrenti schiumosi di rabbia repressa .

Il cuore ha decisioni incostanti ha slanci a volte improvvisi , ha languide soste
precise ferrate lungo montagne dai lati scoscesi e dalle cime impervie.
Il cuore ha una regola sola , l’assenza totale di schemi  algoritmi o equazioni .

The heart has got  its invisible reasons and proceeds for its own intuitions .
Neither a sliding keel nor an rational and deep edge can ease its course.
For its tormented, meandering , rushing , difficult , hostile  journeys
is useless enterprise try to follow it , cajole it, attract it ,deceive it . 

Try to run after it with the mind and understand it, to put a bridle on it, to tame it.
The heart got its hidden roads , its waves, its floods and its tides, undercurrents
navigable peaceful rivers or rushing steams of suppressed rage.

The heart got not consistent decisions , got sometimes sudden dashes, got languid halt,
it has definite railways along mountains with rugged sides and inaccessible peaks.
The heart has  got only one rule , the total absence of patterns, algorithm or equations.

Glam Affair Cassia Skin 08 Jamaica 
Glam Affair Flower headband Black 
Violent Seduction dress Versailles 
Blacklace beauty mark & lashes 
Blackliquid make up just gloss 
Slink hand Elegant 
Exile hair After the Rain Dark Blonde 
Zenith Farewell my concubine rings 
Modern Couture Allegra necklace 
Glow studio Wings flexi 
Pose Del May 

Photographer and Model Arialee Miles 

mercoledì 18 giugno 2014

.... although black love is love ....


Love is not always pink and held in a candy box . Sometimes love is black , love can have thorns and can  make us bleed .

Love can have various shapes and sometimes can't be sized with the usual mainstream meter used to seize  conventional feelings .

Inexplicable  things we do for love, and we surprise ouselves and we astonish people around us , we do little and great acts of courage and  we do great gestures of craziness.

That is not craziness at all  yet it is the life itself lived intensely,   till the last bite of sanity , till the last drop of conscience at time of recklessness.

And yet is sweet to sink in this state of elated foolishness while we close the reason out of our doors , deaf at its screams.

And we run .... and we run ...and we run .... wildly  we run  happy towards  our pain .

Here displayed the last creation of Chez Finesmith,  this lovely creative outfit called Love Black that can be found at Finesmith Mainstore


Outfit Finesmith Love Black
Skin Glam Affair Coral Jamaica
Hands Slink Elegant
Hair Boon KBO906
Fan Silvery K Metallic Folding fan Black
Poses Posesion ( at Kustom 9) 

Photographer and Model Arialee Miles

martedì 3 giugno 2014

breaking the rules


No matters where you are , what you are doing and on what boat you are sailing .

No matters what is the dream you are dancing and in which dimension you are running .

No matters what sea your thoughts are crossing and what is the mountain that your hands are climbing.

What horizon  your eyes are looking   and what are  the words you are seeking .  

What is the ideal you are pursuing and what is the light you are following . 

No matters how much you keep me far nor how long the path will be . 

There is nothing you can do, you try to fight but  you can’t win and you know it well ... and yet you fight .

Because you’re mine


glam affair brandi drama queen skin 
etham chris blazer black 
gizza cotton shorts smoke 
slink female feet flat 
slink female hand elegant 
R + etude pierced silver earrings 
pomposity Simple hearts Choker
magic Nook shimmy shimmy anklet  
INK hair _totes 
blacklace lashes 4 

Sim  Mistical Fall _Binemist 

phothographer and model Arialee Miles