mercoledì 18 giugno 2014

.... although black love is love ....


Love is not always pink and held in a candy box . Sometimes love is black , love can have thorns and can  make us bleed .

Love can have various shapes and sometimes can't be sized with the usual mainstream meter used to seize  conventional feelings .

Inexplicable  things we do for love, and we surprise ouselves and we astonish people around us , we do little and great acts of courage and  we do great gestures of craziness.

That is not craziness at all  yet it is the life itself lived intensely,   till the last bite of sanity , till the last drop of conscience at time of recklessness.

And yet is sweet to sink in this state of elated foolishness while we close the reason out of our doors , deaf at its screams.

And we run .... and we run ...and we run .... wildly  we run  happy towards  our pain .

Here displayed the last creation of Chez Finesmith,  this lovely creative outfit called Love Black that can be found at Finesmith Mainstore


Outfit Finesmith Love Black
Skin Glam Affair Coral Jamaica
Hands Slink Elegant
Hair Boon KBO906
Fan Silvery K Metallic Folding fan Black
Poses Posesion ( at Kustom 9) 

Photographer and Model Arialee Miles

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