martedì 8 luglio 2014



Today we are reborn, in a leaden daybreak which dropped onto the sea,  we are reborn.
And inside the sky leaning  on a green field, a forest dipping inside a river, we are reborn, today.

We are reborn aware of all the evil and of all the wrongdoing, with hands full of all our  weaknesses but for that made stronger.
We are born again together looking into each other eyes and in a tight embrace we have understood.

We are reborn today, you and me we are born  from the beginning notwithstanding my foolishness
and in spite of your pain, we are reborn. 

Closer because conscious of the untouched importance of our inextricable bond.
More determined to save us because the true courage is able of forgiveness. 


Edelweiss irie dress
slink hands elegant 
slink female feet flat 
glam affair skin cassia jamaica 
MG sandals bejewelled 
boon hair TUM278 
miamai makeup in mutatio eyes 

Photographer and model Arialee Miles