mercoledì 17 luglio 2013



The classy not conventionality of the Violator woman expresses even when she wears something aimed to relax  and spare time like a swimsuit.

In fact this Safari beach Mesh swimsuit here displayed in purple seems made for the most eclectic use and not only to lie lazily under the sun on a fancy beach of some fashionable location.

On the othe side thìhe Violator woman never fears to put herself Into the game  playing in first person  a protagonist role, whatever is the game . 

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To relive even in real life these fashion emotions check also the new Soraya Vaher 's real life blog aimed like the Violator brand to give to its public  an artistic taste of creativity and uniqueness

Violator _ Safari Beach Mesh Swimsuit _purple
Umbra hairbase blonde
donna flora Osiris hair
Finesmith  nails solid purple
Squeek _exercise ball
Photographer and model Arialee Miles