martedì 26 agosto 2014

Nessun dorma .......


Wonderful and  evocative this dress created by Sacha Design for the Hunger Games Tribute Show expresses all its magnificence,  irradiating strength  and hope for a future victory in the fatal competition .

 Like an omen of success it illuminates the audience with a great scenic presence.

Half mesh and prim the powerful presence of the outfit is not unnoticed . The force of the elements is encompassed in it .

An outfit to astonish the audience  and hit the imagination recalling echoes of primal battles and undebated victories .


SAS Hunger Gown Red
Modern Couture Kaiji earrings and tiara
Boon TUM278 hair red
Lovely Mi Audrey in red make up
Blacklace beauty lashes 4

Photographer and Model Arialee Miles

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