martedì 10 febbraio 2015

standing in the storm .....

music here

I just stand here while the storm goes ahead , eradicating the best part of us .....

and I stand here while the wind whirls around ........

... while a merciless  sea throws its waves at me .

And you talk and you talk like you knew the depth of this strenght .....

but you do not know anything of me , that's  why you have to shut up

close your mouth and listen for a change .....

make yourself air and listen to the elements raging , while here I stand . Firm in the storm .


sYs Juliet dress
(NO) ripped up stockings
Diva Angelica hair
Glam Affair bangle set candy
Modern Couture Jewelry Bianca wine
Glam affair summer skin jamaica
slink avEnhance feet high
GB cute pearl ring nail
Arise cutie freckles
The Loft sugar skull Mask beige lace
Pink acid thick em Lip gloss Merlot

photographer and model Arialee Miles .

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