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Amami Alfredo .....

Maria Callas _amami Alfredo

Maria Callas _Giuseppe Di Stefano _Libiamo

La Traviata ( The Fallen woman )  is maybe the most famous Opera written by Giuseppe Verdi on a libretto by Francesco Maria  Piave based on  La dame aux Camélias   a play adapted from the novel by Alexandre Dumas fils. To honour the 200 years from Verdi's  birth this year,  last 7th of December the Teatro alla Scala in Milano opened its famous operistic season with this beautiful opera .

 Among all the singers who played Violetta,  Maria Callas was for sure the one that with her charisma and pure voice contributed to elevate the character of this heroin of Verdi to the icon she is still today . Maria Callas was said she didn't play Violetta , she "was " Violetta .

To honour the atmosphere where at trait with  lighthearted amorous joy and at  trait with all the desperate awareness of  a lost love, the sensitive soul  of Violetta a kept woman  hopelessly in love with Alfredo although seriously ill and fiercely opposed by Alfredo's father ,  moves , Belle Roussel released this fantastic limited edition Christmas complete outfit called precisely La Traviata.

The outfit , a wonderful siren red dress  adorned with a diamond sash in the double option ivory  and red ,  long white gloves with ivory diamond cuffs includes a complete set of jewels. 

The jewelry  set is composed by two bracelets , earrings necklace and a tiara , to make of you a real diva who moves on the stage of her life  with the fierce sureness of  Maria Callas, yet the best incomparable Violetta through the years for scenic presence and clear vocal pureness .

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Photographer and model Arialee Miles

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