martedì 23 aprile 2013

VIOLATOR Pret-a-porter Budget Chic

This new line VIOLATOR Pret-a-porter Budget Chic comes to us from Violator with the aim to provide budget pieces with the usual glamour, luxury  and care of details that this brand evokes.

Today I am displaying the purple silver Device Body suit that can be  worn  with the Candy miniskirt in same color for a more classic look ......

....... or paired only with the black silver Passion  blazer for a more seductive and malicious attire ...

The complete line is composed by several matchable pieces all provided in  black -silver , black-gold , blue gold , purple silver, red gold , white black.
All the mesh collection is available in 5 sizes to satisfy every body exigence .

To complete in an impeccable way both outfits I wore the Violator Pride stiletto ankle boots in black silver of the same Budget Chic  Line .

Violator Mainstore

VIOLATOR PretaPorter - Candy miniskirt Purple Silver
VIOLATOR PretaPorter - Device Bodysuit Purple Silver
VIOLATOR PretaPorter - Passion Blazer - Silver Black
VIOLATOR PretaPorter - Pride Ankle boots - Silver Black
VIOLATOR Neck whip platinum black necklace and bracelets
TUTY - Matilda bob blonde / Valentina bob  hair glossy black
TUTY - black eyeliner Audrey
FINESMITH solid White nails

poses MaVie
Photographer & Model Arialee Miles

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