mercoledì 1 agosto 2012

Hope for Emilia # 6

Here we are with another fabulous outfit made exclusively for Hope for Emilia  fruit of the talent of one of the most representative brands on the grid , MEB.
This delicious outfit is called Parmesan is  named after Parma one of the italian towns in the region hit by the earthquake.

The sunny hopeful color  of the blouse well accompanies another great creation I am displaying, the lovely make up by White Widow Paon, another  exclusive item  for Hope for Emilia.

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outfit MEB Parmesan Exclusive For Hope for Emilia
make up White widow Paon exclusive for Hope for Emilia
skin Glam Affair Leah natural
hair Vanity Hair Playful
bracelets Finesmith Nqada
nails Finesmith solid white
rings U & D Nouvellette
poses Manifeste

photographer and model  Arialee  Miles

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