mercoledì 6 luglio 2011

HAIR FAIR #1 Miamai .... a love affair

I love hair so for me the Hair fair is a real feast .
I wander there astonished and joyful like a children in a candy shop and I take every demo , I try everything and even worse I buy a lot ....So what better subject to start my fashion blog ?
Here I am showing the result of my almost military sortie in the Miamai stand . All the hair come with hairbase which incluse sophisticated make up . Fabulous ......

Here I am wearing Miamai Cronika Gold in black  and Deity jewels

    Here I wear Miamai Cronika Plat in blonde with Gem &Kisses Christiane in plat earrings

              Here I wear Miamai Lenoira in black with Gem & Kisses Queen in plat jewels

Here I wear Miamai Lena in blonde with Gem and Kisses Connection in black necklace


Here I wear Miamai Songe in black with Gem & Kisses Punkie necklace

 Here I wear Miamai Songe in blonde and Gem and Kisses Ezmeralda in black necklace

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