sabato 2 maggio 2015

tell me your secrets


a dedication

Let slide those shadows along the darkened things
In that particular hour suspended in the twilight
while the day slowly dives lazily in the dusk
while the consciouness leaves  place to the swoon

and the shades of enlonged leafy branches
are threatening monsters hidden under our  bed .
But we can win all the shades waiting patient our sleeping
we can fight all the monsters  with the light of our minds.

So tell me all your secrets and I will tell you mine,
while in your arms I find my beginning and my aim
and we will make it twinkle with the spark of our words.
Tell me every  secret you have never said,
all the things and the caresses you have never known.
Sing for me every song you have never heard
and I will play for you every day a new music

with a magic instrument  made of dust of lost angels.
Whisper me all your secrets and I will keep them safe
locked in a special place  carved behind my heart
between dreams and delusions, betrayed loves and illusions,
wasted tears and true emotions.


- zerkalo _ moskow night furniture full set shiny and shabby 

- 8f8 Butterfly tea set -full set -shiny and shabby 
- Mina -yuliya hair light blonde Shiny and Shabby 
- Lode head accessory - snapdragon big gatcha rare shiny and shabby 
- slink hands 
- 8f8  primavera in toscana - stove and curtains 

Words - Phothography - Model Arialee Miles 

domenica 15 marzo 2015

..freedom is a state of mind


Sometimes all we want is to break with our usual schemes and fly high above all the daily nuisances to be just ourselves.

For a feeling of light hearted freedom an appropriate dress is a good start....

.. and this floral mesh dress of AnaMarkova called Ginger looks perfect for the aim .

So leave all the rest out the door and just feel the freedom inside yourself pervading your mind ....

.... feel the light on the soft fabric of your dress shining in the sunny morning . It is your day !

This lovely dress and much more can be found to the  mainstore AnaMarkova


AnaMarkova Ginger dress -Floral
Tableau Vivant Sherilyn Blonde
Oceane bardot eyeshadow
Pink acid Just a little gloss -Toast
tekeli-li Lovecraftian monocle
Slink hands elegant 1
8f8 primavera in toscana Stove
8f8 primavera in toscana Gourmet set
8f8 primavera in toscana Pair of curtains
BoOgErS Duckies
anc garden pinkbook
Scarlet creative Amelie Lounger

Photographer and model Arialee Miles

giovedì 19 febbraio 2015

and then was light !


Wonderfully dressed in fur for these last drops of  cold here I mix pieces of sYs, Gizza and Tabou Irresistible .

A lovely sYs dress with paired shoes and the Gizza fur stolen from men wardrobe make me feel a Ice queen even if my crown is rather mad !!!


sYs Azabu coat dress
sYs zori tabi shoes
Gizza fur stole
Tabou Irresistible Furr Hat
Dura boy hair *57
Morantique Lush earring
Gizza ruffle bag

Photographer and model Arialee Miles

martedì 10 febbraio 2015

standing in the storm .....

music here

I just stand here while the storm goes ahead , eradicating the best part of us .....

and I stand here while the wind whirls around ........

... while a merciless  sea throws its waves at me .

And you talk and you talk like you knew the depth of this strenght .....

but you do not know anything of me , that's  why you have to shut up

close your mouth and listen for a change .....

make yourself air and listen to the elements raging , while here I stand . Firm in the storm .


sYs Juliet dress
(NO) ripped up stockings
Diva Angelica hair
Glam Affair bangle set candy
Modern Couture Jewelry Bianca wine
Glam affair summer skin jamaica
slink avEnhance feet high
GB cute pearl ring nail
Arise cutie freckles
The Loft sugar skull Mask beige lace
Pink acid thick em Lip gloss Merlot

photographer and model Arialee Miles .

domenica 18 gennaio 2015



A new brand imposes itself on the fashion scene dancing  on the notes of a unrestrained rock rhythm.

The brand is called ROK Store , woman and men clothes rock inspired,  that  you can find on Marketplace at R:O:K STORE

This line of clothes spaces  from leather pants, jeans , miniskirts  to  halters ,shirts and high heel shoes in a wide range of fluorescent  or sober and dark colors.  A taste of everything for the many facets of the  soul of rock.


R:O:K STORE ICE SHIRT CHEVON pink, green ,silver
R:O:K STORE Elektra leather skirt pink, green, gray
R:O:K STORE Sunset Shoe
MINA hair
Color.Me H.O.F TriangleRing

Photographer and model Arialee Miles

mercoledì 29 ottobre 2014


dance of death

In some cultures is possible to dance with the death

"Dia de los Muertos honors the dead with festivals and lively celebrations, a typically Latin American custom that combines indigenous Aztec ritual with Catholicism, brought to the region by Spanish conquistadores. (Dia de los Muertos is celebrated on All Saints Day and All Souls Day, minor holidays in the Catholic calendar.) " From National Geographic website here

And I was always fascinated by this traditional celebration which joins recognizion of the death as natural part of the life and at same time elements of celebration of life itself .

and yet in these days we remember the ones who were and are not anymore with us and in their honor we cover in flower .......

And to cover myself in flowers I used a mask and several headpieces to try to create that mood and that athmosphere .....


The Loft _Sugar skull mask roses
Miamai Faery headpiece Emerald
Miamai Faery headpiece Green
AG hevea headset Sky bright
Glam Affair - the romantic boho set
Glam Affair - Queen of roses Seatime
Rhosyn Wreath - Red , white and Black
Swallow - flower power -purple

Photographer and model Arialee Miles

domenica 12 ottobre 2014

..... WORDS ....


Words like bullets
we throw on each other
hoping, naively,
that they'd miss the target.
But they do not .






Dress NYA  Nightmare top and leggins black
headpiece ZIBSKA  Corbin
blindfold HE LA binding Black
hair TABLEAU VIVANT writer hair braid black

Collar DELICIOUS Herolyne collar leather

poses MaVie and Nantra

Photographer and model Arialee Miles